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Fall is here and we are in the midst of Fall Back Time change. Sunday, Nov 1st at 2:00 AM clock fall back by one hour. Sunday, Nov 3rd 2019 Spring forward...Fall back.... I love fall! Cooler weather leaves changing colors, holidays around the corner and I get an extra hour of sleep. As a parent, I dread my kids waking up too early and having to adjust their sleep patterns. Do you? If so, here are some options to help you and your family through the transition when we set our clocks backward one hour on Sunday, November 1st. Gradual Approach:  The gradual approach is usually recommended for younger children (3 and under) or those who do not adjust well to rapid changes in their schedules. Start the week before the time change and slowly shift your baby's sleep schedule later.  For example: move bedtime, morning wake-up time, and nap times later by 10-15 minutes every day. Keep moving the entire schedule later every few days but ensure your child doesn't get overtired.  By the ti