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Is It Time To Move From The Crib To The Bed?

I always ask these questions first when a client is thinking about moving their child to a big kid bed: Is your child over 2 1/2 years old (This is the typical age that most children have the cognitive ability to understand the rules such as "you must stay in bed all night"). Does your child fall asleep independently at bedtime from a relaxed but awake state and without assistance? Does your child sleep through the night or put himself back to sleep when he wakes during the night without needing any help? Does he want to move out of his crib? If the answer is YES, to all of the questions above then it is likely a good time to make the transition. As with most sleep transitions there are choices- Gradual Approach: If you can do it safely, remove the front rail from the crib so your child can get in and out of the crib on his own.    If the new bed will fit in the room along with the crib, during this stage have your child nap in the big bed and have your