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Summer Sleep and Travel Tips

Summer is coming and keeping your little one on a schedule is a challenge.  With vacations and long summer days the routines are bound to be disrupted. As a general rule it is a good idea to return to your normal routine as soon as you can.  Some children return to their normal sleep patterns without much fuss.  With others you need to do some sleep training, but it falls into place much faster then the first time.   When you return from vacation try to keep the schedule clear for a few days so you can make sleep and returning to your normal routine a priority.  I hope these tips below help you and your family have a fun, but sleep filled, summer vacation. Packing List For your packing check list, here are a few items you should not leave home without: Travel crib, sheets, pillowcases                                         Crib blankie, sleep sack, security object Sound machine and/or white noise app on your phone Bedtime books Night light  with a small 4 watt bu