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Night Feed Dilemmas

How to End Night Feeds Your baby is over 6 months, growing well and you have received the go ahead from your child’s doctor that they do not need to eat during the night – great!  But now that you and your baby are ready, how do go about this daunting task? It is helpful to create a nighttime weaning plan so that you know exactly what to do and you’re not trying to make decisions at 2:00 am when your not thinking clearly. If your plan is to stop feeding altogether at night, you may want to consider these options below depending on if you are bottle or breast feeding. “Cold turkey” Which means that you do not feed at all during the night.  You may respond to your child’s night awakenings but not with feedings.  This is typically the hardest for baby’s as they still wake hungry until their body adapts.  So not my first choice unless we are talking about a toddler or pre-schooler. “Reduction Bottles” With this method you have two options.  Option 1: Reduce