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What is Drowsy but Awake?

Many families are confused by the term drowsy but awake - what does it look like and how awake should their child should be at bedtime.  So let's break it down starting with why your child should be 'relaxed but awake' when they go down for all sleep.  Why is it so important for your child to be awake when they go down for sleep?  As you've heard me mention in previous blogs, sleep is learned in stages  (click here for more information on that topic)  and bedtime is the easiest time to learn how to put yourself to sleep independently.  Therefore, it is a critical first piece of the sleep puzzle if you want your child to be able to fall back asleep during the middle of the night and stay asleep through the early morning hours. What does drowsy but awake I look like? Your lil one should be relaxed, have a full belly, a dry diaper, be warm and loved but awake.  This means: their eyes are open they have not fallen asleep with a bottle or nursing