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5 Sleep myths that can effect your lil ones sleep

Sleep Myth #1:  Give your baby formula - s/he will sleep better - FALSE!! While formula does take longer to digest than breast milk, they have the same calories per ounce. When we feed our babies by bottle, there is a greater risk of over feeding as well, and sometimes that can make sleep worse for a baby accustomed to breastfeeding. Babies can sleep equally well on both breast milk and formula. Sleep Myth #2:  If your child is having difficulty going to sleep, keep them awake later - FALSE!! Children who have difficulty falling asleep often need to go to bed EARLIER. It seems counter-intuitive ... but when a child is over-tired, they catch a 'second wind' (actually cortisol as we have missed their sleep window) and that burst of energy often makes them seem NOT tired or makes them unable to lay still and fall asleep. Instead, try to get your child to bed earlier - before that 'second wind' takes over.  Sleep Myth #3:  Don't worry if your child