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Is there such a thing as too late of a naptime?

We are starting a new series of Q & A blogs- I take a question (from tired Mom's like you) and give my answer (and my professional opinion).  Note: If you would like to submit a question please do so in the "Post a Question" area of the blog below.   This month I answer a question from the Mom of a 3yr who's late naps are making bedtime too late. Question from Mom: Q: "I'd like your professional opinion - I am the mother of a  10-month-old and 3-year-old . My older daughter just turned 3, and currently on a 2:30PM nap to match my (11-month  old's afternoon nap).  However, the nap ends up running later and later, which results in a late bedtime (10 or 10:30 PM).  My husband thinks I should drop the nap, but I'm not sure. It just seems 10:30 PM is too late for her to go to sleep at age 3. Should I continue with the nap? How can I  control these factors and get bedtime back to a reasonable hour? My answer: A: Yes, there i