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Article Featured in:Parenting OC Magazine – Ask the Experts October 2011 issue - My 6 Month Old Won't Nap

Article Featured in: Parenting OC Magazine – Ask the Experts  October 2011 issue Q: My 6 month old resists or refuses to nap.  She sleeps great at night, but naps are a complete nightmare.  It feels as if trying to get her to nap has taken over my life.  What can I do to help the situation? A: I know from personal experience how incredibly frustrating it is to have a baby who doesn’t nap during the day – both of my children took catnaps until they were approximately 6 months old.   You are lucky she sleeps through the night as most children who take short or skipped naps usually have nightwakings.   I know it isn’t logical - but sleep, begets sleep! For babies who aren’t sleeping through the night, I would recommend you solve bedtime and nighttime issues first.  It is critical that your child be able to fall asleep on her own at bedtime. If you put your child down already asleep she misses the opportunity to learn the skill of putting herself to sleep.  Bedtime is the eas