Saturday, January 7, 2017

Top Sleep Blogs of 2016

As we celebrate a New Year, I always reflect on successes and struggles of the previous year.  For successes, I am so grateful that so many families trust me with their little ones and allow me into their inner circle. That they trust me to guide their family on the path toward precious sleep.  So many families now enjoy the amazing benefits of more sleep in their home for everyone.

Here is a recap of MSD Baby Sleep Coach's most popular sleep blogs of 2016.

#5 Is It Time To Move From The Crib To The Bed?

There are lots of questions around when is the best time to move your child out of their crib as there are many important factors to consider.  This blog will help you answer the important questions so you can decide if now is the right time to make the move to a big girl/boy bed.

#4 Early Rising

Not surprising early rising is on this list as it is the second most common question I get, next to night wakings.  Early rising is also the last stage of sleep to be learned so it's more difficult to fix, especially if independent sleep at bedtime hasn't been established.

#3 Is My Toddler Ready to Drop to One Nap?

Knowing when it’s time for your baby to make a change and drop a nap is no easy task.  Not to mention most Mom's tell me: "I'm not not ready for less day sleep!"  Read through this blog for tips on how to keep the two nap schedule for longer and if it really is the best time to drop a nap.

#2 Tips to Keep you Toddler in the Crib

I often get calls from parents in a panic as their toddler has discoved a new freedom and can now jump of their crib!  Most children who are under 2 1/2 are not year and their parents are not ready ~ to make the move to a bed yet.  This blog is packed with tips to help delay the transition until everyone is ready for this big change.

#1 Schedules, Naps and Awake Windows

This blog was the all time most viewed MSD Baby Sleep blog!  Not surprising as a child's sleep changes every few months.  Staying on top of how much sleep your baby or child needs is a daunting tasks.  This blog also includes a recommendation on how to time naps to ensure your child is well rested.

Happy New Year to you and your family!  May the New Year bring you health, peace, happiness and more sleep!

Written By: Michelle S. Donaghy, founder of MSD Baby Sleep Coach and Certified Gentle Sleep Coach